Hp Deskjet 3744 Download

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Hp Deskjet 3744 Download
Printing is hassle free with the one-touch print cancel button and ink status display
HP inkjet Printer 3744
Hp Deskjet 3744 Download drivers and software from HP 

HP has been providing drivers for customers on the HP support Web site for many years. Service Pack 2 and Internet Explorer changes the download experience that you may be familiar with. To learn more about these changes and how to download drivers, 
Use the following steps:
Browse to the driver download page for your HP or Compaq product and read the instructions on the page before continuing.

Click the Download button on the download page. 
A Security Warning window appears before the download starts 

NOTE: The note at the bottom of the Security Warning window may state that the type of file you are going to download can harm the computer. The files downloaded from the HP Web site are not designed to harm the computer. Please disregard this message when downloading files from Hewlett-Packard. 

First Security Warning window 

If you want to download and save the file (to your hard drive), click Save , browse to a folder in the Save As window, and then click Save again. 
If you want to automatically start installing the driver as soon as it is done downloading and a Run button is available, click Run . 
If you chose to save the file, browse to the file and open it. Before Service Pack 2, the file would have opened, but instead a Security Warning window opens.
If you selected Run, the file automatically attempts to run when it has finished downloading, but instead of opening and installing the downloaded file, a Security Warning window opens.
In either case, you must click Run from the Security Warning window to install the driver. You can feel safe when clicking Run because the driver came from the HP Web site. 
After you click Run, the driver should be installed using the instructions that were read on the driver download page.

NOTE: Many HP drivers do not contain digital signatures. The Security Warning window displays a red shield for these types of files. The file you downloaded from HP may appear harmful. Files downloaded from the Web site are safe to install. 



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