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Hp Deskjet D2360 installer
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HP inkjet Printer D2360
Hp Deskjet D2360 printer installer

HP Deskjet D2360 Series Printers - Installing and Uninstalling the Printer Software

This document provides basic instructions for installing and uninstalling the HP Deskjet D2360 series printer software. The instructions are for a local installation (direct connection) using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable.
Obtaining drivers
The software CD-ROM that shipped with the printer contains the latest version of the driver.
Use an automated tool (utility) to ensure your software is current and to correct many installation issues
NOTE: This utility only works on printers connected directly to a computer with a USB or parallel cable. 

The HP Photosmart Check utility looks to see if the software/driver for the printer connected to your computer needs an update, verifies the product is set up correctly, automatically fixes some issues if the product is not set up correctly, and then helps update or reinstall the software if necessary.
Use this utility if you have been unsuccessful in installing the software/driver or if your printer is already connected and installed and you want to see if a more current driver is available.
Before installing the software
Close any programs that open at startup, such as fax and antivirus softwares. Failure to close active antivirus software may result in a corrupt or incomplete installation. Antivirus software usually places an icon next to the time on the toolbar. Right-click this icon to display a menu that gives options to close or disable the antivirus software.
Installing the software
Use the following instructions to install the software. 
NOTE: Do not plug in the USB cable until instructed to do so. 

While installing the driver software, do not cancel the installation. 
Insert the printer driver CD before connecting the cable to the printer. Wait for a moment while the computer automatically starts the CD and begins to load software files. 
NOTE: If a Found New Hardware Wizard window appears during installation, click Cancel . 

If the software does not start automatically, follow the steps below:
Click Start , then click Run . 
In the Open box, type D:\installer.EXE (where D is the letter of the CD-ROM drive). 
Click OK . 
Click Next when the Welcome to HP Deskjet 374x Series installer Wizard box appears. 
NOTE: Do not connect the USB cable until instructed to do so. 

Read the license agreement. Click the radio button to agree with the terms of the license and click Next . 
Follow the on-screen instructions. Connect the USB cable when instructed. 
Uninstalling the printer software
If you are unable to complete the installation, uninstall the software using the following steps. Then, reinstall the software. 
NOTE: Do not delete the icons in the Printers folder. This may cause problems getting the software to uninstall. 

Disconnect the USB cable from the printer only.
Insert the printer CD.
When prompted, click Remove and wait for the software to uninstall. 
Click Finish to complete the uninstall process. 
Click Yes when prompted to restart Windows. Windows needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect. 



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