Hp psc 1210 Free Software

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Hp psc 1210 Free Software
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HP inkjet Printer 1210

Hp psc 1210 Free Software

HP psc 1210 Printer Digital Imaging Products - Free Software Installation Stops at 

Hp psc 1210 Free Software Issue

While installing the product Free Software on a computer, the Install window locks 
up (stalls) and stops with 96% of the Free Software installation complete. The 
Install window eventually disappears. When this happens, the Scan function does 
not work from HP Solution Center or HP Director. It may also cause only two icons 
to be displayed in the HP Director or Solution Center. When this happens, the 
Digital Imaging Monitor does not run in the Task Bar.

NOTE: Verify the hardware functionality of the device by making a copy 
(all-in-one devices) or printing a self test page. Refer to the product 
documentation or the user guide to accomplish this. 

Solution for Hp psc 1210 Free Software

Listed below are several possible solutions to this issue. Start with the first 
solution, and if that does not resolve the issue, proceed to the next solution. 
You might not need to try every solution.
Solution one: Reboot the computer 
Click Start . 
Click Shut down and then click Restart to restart the computer. 
If there is a message stating that HP Free Software installation is running , 
restart the computer by pressing the power button on the computer to turn it off 
and then back on. 
The installation will continue from the 96% and the Web Registration screen will 
display. If the installation does not continue, proceed to the next solution.

Solution two: Reset the device 

While the device is turned on, unplug the power cord and universal serial bus 
(USB) cable from the back of the device.
Wait 30 seconds.
Plug the power cord back into the device.
Press the On button to turn on the device. 
NOTE: For an all-in-one a partial reset may be needed. Click here for 
instructions to perform a partial reset of the all-in-one (c00060793) (in 

Connect the USB cable back to the HP device .
Turn the computer on and connect the device to the computer while it is rebooting.
The Free Software installation should then continue from 96% and finish 
successfully with Congratulations and Web registration screens.

NOTE: The Free Software installation might not continue immediately after the 
computer is rebooted and you may notice no activity on the screen. Wait a few 
minutes until the installation screen is re-launched. You should also notice an 
icon with or without a found new hardware message on the bottom right of the 
computer screen. This ensures that the installation is in the process of getting 


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