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Transcend USB Flash Pen Drive - Flash Your Digital World

Transcend Releases the High-Speed USB 2.0 JetFlash Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend) releases the high-speed USB 2.0 JetFlash. Although many manufactures have already released the so-called USB 2.0 Flash Drives, some of them are even slower than the current USB 1.1 Flash Drives. Unlike these slow, so-called USB 2.0 Flash Drives, Transcend releases the high-speed USB 2.0 JetFlash that is secure and reliable. Focusing on the research and development of flash memory for many years, Transcend's newest USB 2.0 JetFlash can achieve a read speed of up to 8MB/sec and a write speed of up to 7MB/sec.

-Fully compatible with Hi-Speed USB 2.0
-Easy Plug and Play installation
-PC-Lock Function: Makes JetFlash™ a
 key to lock your computer
-Boot-Up Function: Makes JetFlash™ a
 bootable device
-Partition & Security Function: Create 
 a private partition with password protection
-Driverless (Only Windows®98SE needs the
 enclosed driver)
-USB powered. No external power or battery

System Requirement 

- Desktop or notebook computer with USB Port
- Microsoft Windows® 98 Second Edition
- Microsoft Windows® 2000- Microsoft Windows® ME
- Microsoft Windows® XP- Mac® OS 9.0 or later
- Linux® Kernal 2.4.2 or later