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 Samsung Laserjet 1610

I did not have any expectations about Samsung printers. Ten years ago, I used a Samsung copy machine and a big laser printer, but they never worked properly. And I am still remembering that bad experience.
I received a printer, and I was wondering why the box was so small. Is it a miniature toy? But it has a driver CD and a cable, so maybe it is not a toy.

I opened the ML-1610 box. Lightweight, it was easy to take it out.
Overall, it seems to be in one color, but there are two different colors, white for the top and front and gray for the body. The modest gray color gives it an elegance despite its small appearance. It is so neat and simple.
The components are precisely installed and attractive.

It is not on the market yet. According to the product specifications, it prints 16 ppm and 600 dpi display resolution.
The printer has become smaller, but the functions are upgraded. . .
Installing a drive with only 4 clicks.
You do not need to restart your PC.
The quality is the same even if you print with the toner save button. You can see the difference. Hold the printed document up to the light, then you will see the difference of toner used. Same great document quality, but it is saving considerable toner.
I would like to show you a picture, but it would not truly show the quality due to different monitor display resolutions.
By pressing the button, the yellow LED turns on and changes to the toner save mode.
I tried consecutive printing.
I am used to using 12 ppm, so I can clearly see the difference of speed. You need to see the speed.
Once you have experienced the best, you never want to lose it. Now, I do not have patience with the speed of my old printer.
I can see the difference in quality.
You might not notice right away, but there is a difference.
Even small font sizes are neat and clear. I compared that with my old printouts.
Now the difference is even clearer.
Experts may want to inspect each letter with a magnifying glass, but I am a consumer, not a inspector. However, the print is clear and neat even to the eye.
If you see the paper tray part, you can see the difference of quality. Also, letters are finer and clearer than this picture.

It is so small that you can put it anywhere in your office. Most existing printers have a deep back panel, so it was hard to find a place for it. But the back panel on the ML-1610 is only about 4cm, so you can put this laser printer anywhere you want.
The sleek case design looks speedy and simple like a sport car.
It shows Samsung printers are evolving.
The front paper tray is an ingenious and practical idea. As they say, good design means function first and then looks. It will make you feel efficient when you fold and unfold the paper tray.
Its easy to change a cartridge because the handle is broad and comfortable,
It is convenient when the cartridge slides in.
Take a close look at ML-1610; there are 2 wings. Is it going to fly away? No. One wing is a foldable paper tray, and the other is a cartridge handle. Do wings stand for Samsung printers flight? Maybe.

Product Name Samsung Laser Printer ML-1610 Series
Resolution 600x600 dpi resolution
Memory 2MB
Paper Supply 150 pages
Speed 16ppm(A4),17ppm(Letter)
Processor (CPU) 150 MHz
Emulation SPL(GDI)
Toner Capacity 2000 page (starter:1000 pages)

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